How To Overcome Last Minute Resistance To Sex

Now, it would make great marketing if I could tell you that one day, while searching the dark corners of the internet, I uncovered a fool-proof, little known method that busts through LMR 100% of the time.

Or that a friend of mine, a natural Casanova, accidentally divulged his unstoppable «LMR crusher» technique after I fed him half a dozen beers…

But the truth isn’t romantic.

The truth is that I spent YEARS busting my ass, successfully seducing countless women, failing to seduce countless more, and ruthlessly experimenting, sometimes even at the cost of getting laid.

Slowly, painstakingly, I started to discover practical, reliable ways to get a girl to fuck me, even after she’d spent 15 minutes lecturing me about how she absolutely would NOT be having sex with me, «isn’t easy», isn’t «that kind of girl», and blah blah blah.

I even learned how to overcome LMR when a girl is physically resisting me,  only for her to thank me for my insistence later, as we lay naked together in the afterglow of hot, sweaty sex.

I went from getting frustrated and giving up when a girl stopped me from making my moves to staying cool and laughing at her objections. Why laughing…?

Because I KNEW what to do now. And I knew with 100% certainty that I’d have my cock inside of her soon, and that she’d be loving every minute of it, screaming my name, and forgetting hers.

A Dangerous Skill To Possess…

This is the skill that gives you a dangerous, intoxicating amount of power over a woman’s vagina.

It’s the skill that puts you above 99% of all men on planet Earth in terms of your ability to score sex whenever you want it.

And it’s the skill that distinguishes you from the guys who do «pretty well» with women and puts you into the upper league of dudes who absolutely crush the pussy everywhere they go…

It’s Simple:  if you want true choice of women and true sexual abundance in your life, you need to know the information I’m going to share with you shortly.

You see, over the years, I’ve refined and honed my techniques and methods.

I’ve masterminded and collaborated with other extreme players to verify the effectiveness of my approach across a large sample size.

  • I wanted to be sure that this stuff works not just for me, but for every dude who’s pretty good at pulling a chick back to his place, but not quite so good at closing the deal.
  • If you’re one of these guys and you want a simple way to overcome a chick’s resistance to nasty, raunchy sex, you’re on the right page!
  • The approach I’ve developed blasts through a girl’s LMR so effectively, so devastatingly, that I’ve had girls lying next to me in bed after sex with a marveling look on their faces and saying «what just happened…?»
  • But before I reveal my system to you, I want you to close your eyes for a second and picture as vividly as you can that you’re alone with a tall, hot blonde…
  • You’re making your moves, and she keeps saying «no, we’re not having sex», and keeps pushing you away while giggling in cute, girly bursts. You’re hypnotized by that tight little body of hers and you’re fucking horny and ready to go.
  • She’s utterly wet underneath those skimpy little booty shorts she’s wearing.

And sex is right there for the taking…

But no matter what you do, she won’t let you slip off her shorts and enter that sweet, shaved, pink little pussy. Argh!

You’re ready to throw in the towel, stop the action, and wait for her to leave so you can just relieve the pressure in your pants yourself…

And then suddenly, you remember what do in this situation! So you lean in, whisper a few words in her ear, use a «technique» or two, and then proceed to slip her clothes off and roll her moist panties down her legs, without another peep of protest from her…

So if you had this almost-magical power to suavely and effortlessly bust through LMR, can you conceive how dramatically your sex life would improve…?

You’d be getting more ass than ever, enjoying the chase more than ever AND you’d join the top tier of all seducers:  The Closers. (To say nothing of how incredibly envious all your buddies would be of your new skills.)

This isn’t fiction; I pull this off on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. However, it IS uncommon, counterintuitive knowledge that very, very few men hold in their hands.

Fathers don’t teach this to their sons, and God knows you don’t learn it in school. I and other insatiable, incorrigible womanizers have figured this stuff out through painful trial and error.  And you stand to benefit from all our hard work.

These pornographic, sex-filled nights are exactly what you have to look forward to on a regular basis once I show you what I’ve learned over these many years and through hundreds of real life sexual scenarios.

It doesn’t even matter if you want to fuck 10 new girls a month (or a week for that matter), or find that «10 out of 10″, perfect girlfriend.

Either way, knowing precisely how to bust through LMR is vital to your success. Every player worth his salt knows that you’ve got to seal the deal as soon as possible.

This applies equally to casual flings, fuck buddy arrangements and serious, long-term relationships. It’s called «consummation», which means completion, for a reason.

Sex cements the relationship. And if you don’t make it happen ASAP, good luck getting a second try!

The brutal reality is that even if the circumstances are beyond your control and you can’t fuck a girl through no fault of your own, the girl will STILL most likely lose respect for you.

I know it’s insane and irrational but she expects you to somehow make it happen even when she’s saying «no, no, no». And I’m going to show you how how to change her «no, no, no» into «yes! HARDER!! …Again please!»

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