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Internet dating sites are not only time effective but prudent for busy cost conscious singles. Spark Networks owns the American Singles internet dating website ( and a host of others, including many religious and ethnic dating sites. Among the religious groups the company caters to are the Latter Day Saints, the Seventh Day Adventists and Catholics, and it also provides the well-known Jewish dating sites, such as and found at jewish matchmaker. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. Spark owns sites with an ethnic emphasis too, like and, as well as other social sites for deaf singles, larger women, military singles, and so on.

Jewish matchmaker offers help you experience the site dynamics viscerally.

Spark Networks clearly wants to play a large role in helping people make romantic connections, but at the moment things have gotten just a bit rough. The Jewish dating services appear like those found at dating websites free to have been hit the hardest, with an almost 25% drop in profits by the end of the second quarter of 2009. It makes sense that with the economy having slowed way down, people might cut back on memberships to websites that help them find dates.But the reduction in subscribers doesn’t just come from American singles, despite how hard the United States has been hit by the downturn. With these sites also running in the UK, France and Israel, it seems that the income drop has come from several places.

It’s possible that the large influence of a downturn in revenue from the Jewish dating sites comes from too much dependence on them by the company. In fact, one of the responses of Spark Networks to the loss of profits in the last couple of quarters was the announcement that they were going to try to reduce their dependence on just one brand. The CEO acknowledges that the Jewish sites are the leader in membership and revenue. So the emphasis is still on revamping and “revitalizing” those, rather than pushing the other computer dating websites more than before.

Clearly, with the Jewish matchmaker dating sites being so important to Spark Network’s profit margin, the company is going to concentrate on these sites to help fuel its recovery. A complete redesign was made to in time for the summer of 2009, reducing the “clunky” feel and adding many new features. View the new site at dating websites free. If Spark Networks can make the Jewish sites profitable again, then sites like American Singles ( and Christian Mingle ( won’t feel quite the pressure to carry a financial load they can’t really handle.

JDate is an ideal computer dating site for Jewish men and Jewish women to make connections, and find friends, dates and soul mates, all within the faith. Considering the hundreds of thousands of American Jewish singles that have membership, you’ll amaze yourself with the online accessibility, fantastic offline activity options (including, travel and events), JDate is the number one Jewish Matchmaker place for Jewish romance in the world!

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